Fetish Mistress Sheba, Manchester

When vanilla home and kink collide

Another week has passed. Home is currently being repainted to provide more interesting backdrops to photographs and video. It is much more difficult at home. It doesn’t have that free flow that a session does where I can casually pick up items. Soon I think I will be taking my live-in slave into work to film and have photos taken. His interests are expanding but I will be honest with you … I need variety where the male form is concerned: I have being craving a nice, pair of juicy thighs mmm.

Unsure where I will be placing my content in the future. Might do a *vanilla* account where I pose in underwear, get super fit bod and then start dropping in latex shoots; lingerie shoots in unusual settings … do the reverse of when vanillas appropriate our industry’s fashion. Not even joking.

Bad thoughts side…. hope everyone is managing okay and not going stir crazy. Things for you to do in the meantime – get familiar with wearing a mask and only masturbate whilst wearing gloves. Learn how to catch all that filth in one hand and then roll the glove up and dispose.

Tomorrow I am going to post something I have never done before – a picture of my beautiful, oiled feet and you can imagine just how great they would feel sliding …. well I will leave that up to your imagination.

Mistress Sheba