Mistress Sheba in red latex catsuit Manchester

Anxiety levels?

As the weeks go by I am noticing that the anxiety levels amongst some of the people that visit Me are increasing. Many are concerned as to when will I reopen so here are my thoughts on that particular subject.

I have DIY to do in the building and it has taken longer than anticipated so another month at least in lock down will probably suit me fine to complete this work.

There is not going to be a time when it is 100% safe to re-open. But I do believe that there will, in the not too distant future, a time when the risk has greatly reduced and it is feasible to recommence sessions in what will be a temporarily changed and conscientious environment.

If tomorrow there was an announcement that it was business as usual then I still wouldn’t reopen as I would not be comfortable in doing so: I need to see a significant reduction in risk. Shortly before we came into lockdown I took an appointment and it was incredibly stressful and disjointed due to the obsessive cleaning. So I am mindful that I do not wish to return with that level of stress and for it to impact negatively on our time together.

I will reopen and very slowly ease back into things. There may be one session a day for a considerable length of time; we may wear masks; I might wear full latex coverage; I will be conscious of those that I see – medical issues, age, living arrangements and how they travel to me etc…. There are many variables. These are ideas that float through my head but I do not stress about them. If there are aspects of my life that are outside of my control then I have to focus on that which I have control of to keep a perspective on things. I was previously a Head of Risk so this is an area that is deeply ingrained in me.

I am grateful to those that have supported me financially either through paid advance appointments, text/phone/WhatsApp chat. Please continue to support my endeavours and I promise you that those that do so will be afforded extra privileges and will not be forgotten.

***I have a small number of people that are each paying a monthly tribute of £100 for WhatsApp and phone chat in order to have greater access to me. I would like to expand upon this number because it is going well and I am enjoying the contact. I would also like to include a couple of guys doing email and text. We can talk about anything you’d like – session activities (can include things I don’t offer in real life. Nothing illegal though) right through to any worries you may have, practical advice or emotional support***

ALSO, I have written a number of blog posts dealing with the current climate but I would like to stop doing so. This will be easy given that I took in my personal slave on the cusp of the lockdown. So get ready for photos and mini videos so check back here frequently!

Mistress Sheba