Adjusting to temporary limited movements…

Hope everyone is doing okay and is adjusting to these temporary limited movements. Fingers crossed we have now reached the peak of the virus 🦠 and we can soon return to freedom.

I’m managing to keep myself very busy but do have the occasional day of achieving very little and I feel not the slightest bit of guilt for that. This is the longest I have been away from kink – even longer than the maternity leave I gave myself 😂 But breaks are good. Time away can be a luxury in providing space to think about how one can re-jig things to make life easier moving forward. That is never a bad thing. I accept that the world will be a changed place. This situation has made us all vulnerable.

Later this week slave and I will re-start and finish the plastering. I have come to the *convenient* conclusion that my earlier end goal of perfectly plastered walls would be detrimental to what is a 200yr old building so I shall embrace the odd wonky section.

Just before lockdown I acquired another room. It lends itself perfectly to being exclusively an AB room with a further room off this that can be used as a playroom. This isn’t a large space but it is useful and interesting. I have now started thinking that maybe a lock up leading to a cell with bed might be interesting…. or a Rubber Room and then thought what about a Cam Room/photo studio. Now I am plagued with too many options. I’ll just do the room up and see what happens 🤯🥶

This room for anyone who is interested is accessed via under the stairs on the ground floor. It used to be the kitchen and laundry room to my building. It requires little work other than a 30 minute knock through (lathes), door frames and some floorboards replacing. I have all the PPE required for tackling plaster dust. I will require a builder slave for this work so please apply via email and I am sure we can come so some arrangement.

In the meantime I am available for Skype, Webcam and WhatsApp sessions.

Mistress Sheba