Medical Fetish Mistress Manchester

Medical Fetish Mistress Manchester Clinic

Fetish Nurse, Mistress Sheba always has appointments available in the Manchester Clinic for those with a penchant for medical fetish. So many possibilities lie ahead for those brave enough to surrender their bodies for erotic exploration with Me as your nurse/doctor/surgeon. Roleplay within this genre of BDSM is beautifully diverse. It allows realistic immersion into a medical scenario but with the bonus of being in a pair of safe dominant hands.

I have many years of experience in this field – and a wide array of specialist equipment. I enjoy the emotional ranges at work during medical sessions. Perhaps the fascination started as a childhood love of medical uniforms? Or a memory perhaps of the helplessness and trepidation in waiting for a doctor’s appointment? There are no taboos in my fetish clinic so lay your innermost cravings before Me and let’s create a medical masterpiece. 

Let me share some of My most popular requests in this Medical Fetish field. 

Who could resist the thought of an intimate examination? I leave no stone unturned when requested to undertake My procedures. It’s an ideal opportunity for submission and humiliation. First and foremost, we must ensure my patients are stripped and securely strapped down to My medical chair. Restraints buckled and legs widely parted, medical masks in place. Once I have full access to your exposed genitalia, I offer you the sight of my set of gynae implements, all sterilised and laid out meticulously to perform my explorations. You hear the snap of my latex gloves as I prepare, your eyes take in the shiny display of rectal speculums. With the enema stand and the catheter kit, you realise that Mistress Sheba takes her work very seriously. 


Let’s begin with all the klismaphiliacs out there –  yes, I’m talking about you, enema fans. The multiplicity of rituals involved in this BDSM practice are enormously intoxicating for those who arrive at my surgery. The feel and scent of the latex rubber or the smell of solution, the preparation of the recipient, and the sensations offered by the enema itself. It certainly lends itself to a scene abounding in power exchange and erotic humiliation. 

I do like to eliminate any concerns regarding your rectal health. So I particularly enjoy an opportunity to slide my cold slippery speculum inside your sphincter and crank your hole open until it’s gaping wide. I need to be sure you bad boys haven’t been inserting foreign objects! So once you’re relaxed, my latex-gloved fingers will be introduced further and further to ensure your lower colon is empty. 


Edgeplay is a common denominator in the realms of medical fetish, purely because of the expertise and potential danger involved in many of its practices. As with ALL of my sessions, I pride myself on never undertaking anything that either outweighs my experience or puts my clients at physical risk. Scene elements such as breath play/asphyxiation/sensory deprivation, especially when paired with restrictions such as body bags will be subject to stringent measures to protect your well being. Similarly, when I’m engaged in needle play or sutures, my sharp little points are always fully sterilised. 

Now let’s talk penises. Unsurprisingly, they are never far from my guests’ minds whatever the content of our session. There are so many delights to explore with my fiendish toys… My medical sounds and probes will be standing by for a rousing round of cock stuffing. We may have to check your sperm count during our appointment. My penis pump can be put to work to harden and extend your phallus before milking you out into my test tube for laboratory tests. Or maybe we can work on the aesthetics of that pathetic set of withered balls hanging sadly between your legs. Saline injection therapy is what this Dominant Doctor prescribes to swell those sacs to full capacity. 

Do take a look through my website for more inspiration. I’m open to all suggestions and if you’ve got a particular yen for an area you don’t see published, message me via the Contact page to enquire.