foot fetish mistress Manchester


As promised! Tried oiling them up but it started removing the polish. This is one huge benefit of our new norm – time for photos and blog.

I must stress again that I will NOT be taking live sessions until you hear about it on here. I do not wish to keep having to reiterate myself on Twitter so this is the only place I will discuss.

That also means that NO ONE ELSE will be using the dungeon for sessions, filming or photo shoots. No one is asking to hire – just people asking if anyone is sessioning. I don’t know any Mistress that would even consider it.

If you are desperate for a session – you do realise that I am 100% fine with that and it affects me not in the slightest BUT I don’t want to hear about it unless you come either bearing worthy tribute or temporarily scratch that itch with … paid phone, photos, WhatsApp, cam all sorts of different avenues I have generously provided to stave off desperation.

Tomorrow I will post a couple more pictures. I am thinking of provoking some twitching that will make your lockdown even more difficult. I will try and get them to land here just before your bedtime – Ha!

Moving swiftly on to more wholesome topics. I think it’s about time we got to know one another a little better! I’m going to start doing a series of separate blogs about the different types of sessions I do and what it is about them that I enjoy. Hopefully it will broaden the minds of those that I see, answer questions and help those that have not yet visited something to look forward to. Please join Me and feel free to send any questions that you have to [email protected]