The “fogger” and the NEW protocol

I have bought this for the premises. Not a new piece of kinky kit but something that will give us all peace of mind: the fogging machine.

My thoughts are that cleaning surfaces is easy to think you have got everything but what about the nooks and crannies?…what about the atmosphere you’re breathing in? This machine sprays ultra low volume HOCL solution and cleans and disinfects from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between. It is even safe ON YOU! It produces millions of droplets that are so small they suspend in the air zapping everything away before falling and sanitising everything else. It will become part of the new regime behind the scenes.

I have settled on one solution that I have extensively researched that will replace all my existing cleaning products: HOCL.

“HOCL is non-toxic to our cells. HOCL is one of the only agents that is both non-toxic to cells that heal our wounds whilst being lethal to almost all known dangerous bacteria and viruses that threaten our health.”

“It is naturally produced by our white blood cells and is an essential part of our immune system.”

“There is no need for chemical related PPE or aeration time when using it.”

“HOCL kills 99.9999% bacteria and enveloped viruses, of which Covid 19 is one. It is very safe (benign to human skin and contact) and the environment and highly effective in diluted form. It’s already used in medical and dental environments and is the solution that cinemas, public transport, aeroplanes are starting to use in their foggers etc…”

A lot of time has gone into planning the re-organisation of the premises to incorporate an advanced cleaning station set-up and a separate Stock Room where all clean and sanitised items will be stored rather than them remaining in the rooms and everything having to be cleaned – even items that are not used.

The mop and bucket has given way to a wet and dry vacuum that will be used to clean and disinfect the floors prior to the fogging treatment. I also have several hand held steamers/floor steamers that I have used in the premises for years now.

None of the above you will see but I want to make you aware of what is happening. Personally, I cannot see how anyone can say an environment is sterile if the atmosphere hasn’t also been sanitised.

Please note that I take full responsibility for the sanitisation of the premises. Anyone that hires will wipe down the surface of items and furniture used. Items used are then collected and removed to several colour coded bins away from the rooms where I take over responsibility for disinfecting and then sanitising. I do a 3 stage clean which I have spent the past week perfecting. The room is then fogged. I adjust the fogger to emit larger particles for the floor and 30 mins later I steam the floor. If you enter a room that has being fogged you will be able to tell the difference…it feels slightly charged like being outside just after a thunderstorm.

What you will experience. Please don’t worry about this. It’s now streamlined and I will guide you through it so there’s no thinking on your part:-

At the door we’ll take your temp with a non-contact thermometer and check your oxygen levels; sanitise your hands, take of your shoes and bring you to the shower.

You’ll be given a pack containing: large microfibre towel for the shower, soap solution, diluted (body) and undiluted (face) hibiscrub, disposable sponge, mouth wash and disposable cup, a pair of large nitrile gloves and a mask. If you are in for an extended session then more PPE will be supplied throughout.

During your shower I’ll do your back ;-). After the shower I’ll give you a small amount of diluted Hibiscrub that will be placed just inside your nostrils. Hibiscrub is the bright pink solution that you dilute right down and wash with prior to surgery. “Hibiscrub binds to the surface of your skin where it works as a microbial agent killing bacteria, viruses, yeasts and funghi. It lasts for up to 6 hours”. Then you’ll put on your mask and gloves.

When we reopen it will not be a casual approach. Sessions will be very limited: it will not be a reckless hive of activity. Some activities will not be permitted; other activities will require more PPE if they are to be included and the return is very much staggered.

To enquire about appointments please contact me via email or a quick phone call.

Mistress Sheba