26/11/2020 Back in from Thursday 3 December

I cannot wait to be back in my beautiful premises and entertaining once more!!! I am looking forward to seeing my old favourites and always welcoming of new guys who will become my future favourites. Breaks do have the added bonus that I am always full of energy when I return and trust me that is a big benefit for you to get Mistress in a playful mood, whatever your persuasion. Please call to make appointments or if known, text on 07947 333 967.

As far as Covid is concerned. My protocol is now established and streamlined. My goal is that it has little impact on you as I take on full responsibility for everyone that crosses the threshold. It far exceeds what is required as I went OCD and disappeared down the rabbit hole investigating infection control and waste management in hospitals. When appointments are made I can send you a copy of the protocol. I would put it on here but its 6 sides of A4.

I have spent the last two days washing, inspecting, measuring and stitching a lot of sissy dresses that will shortly be up on ebay along with a few small pieces of equipment and rubber outfits. My goal is to reduce by two wardrobes so I may reconfigure the downstairs now that I have the extra rooms. Check out my Twitter as once the cheap listing day is announced I will mention it on there.

Mistress Sheba