Sissification and cross-dressing with Mistress Sheba in Manchester

Calling all Wannabe Sissy Sluts! The House of Sheba, Manchester UK is a destination epicentre for all your dirty little playtime delights in feminisation, sissification, sissy slut training, forced-bi sissy, sissy chastity, forced feminisation, and forced cross-dressing.

Once you step inside the threshold of My specially decorated Sissy Parlour, you’ll be transported to an enticing environment where your crossdressing yearning can be explored to your heart’s content. This decadently designed suite with its floor to ceiling mirrors and glittering chandeliers provides the perfect setting to prepare and savour your wondrous transformation, to sit and apply your make up and play dress up at your leisure. Whether you dream of being encouraged and nurtured as the pretty girl you long to be – or ridiculed and humiliated for your whore-like make-up, Mistress Sheba will encourage your emergence from chrysalis to butterfly and direct a script hand-tailored to your personal sissy fantasies.


Within My pink-themed sissy boudoir, I have one of the largest single collections of frilly dresses available up to size 5XL for your use during our sessions but, of course, you’re welcome to bring your own wardrobe choices. Perhaps you already have an alter ego in mind, long suppressed and barely recognised. Sometimes it starts with the furtive trying on of a partner’s teeny briefs or a smear of lipstick when you’re alone and builds as you discover the delights of stepping over to your feminine side. Within the safe haven of House of Sheba, you can become a cheap, trashy slut, an obedient dolly maid or a glamorous icon – I’m adept at understanding your hidden desires and teasing them out to full conclusion.

I should mention that I also have a particular penchant for Pegging so if you’re now tingling with anticipation, imagine for a moment, a scenario where (the naughty girl that you are) gets led up to the attic Study for punishment. Holding your breath and feeling your heart pound as I order you to position and present your bottom over a desk as you wait for the implement of my choice to sting your quivering cheeks before my long fingers peel your silky panties aside ready for penetration with one of my well-lubed, slippery strap-ons. The exquisite torment as your excitement builds and you struggle to spread yourself wider on tottering heels, as I sink deeper into that desperately clenching hole…

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As well as private dress-up sissification sessions, I also offer unique opportunities to attend special feminisation, sissification, sissy slut training, forced-bi sissy, sissy chastity, forced feminisation, and forced cross-dressing social events which I co-host with My esteemed Mistress colleagues. These include Sissy and Interactive Parties in my Manchester studio – what better way to showcase your burgeoning feminine wiles than to get the chance to perhaps be one of our servile ladies in waiting, catering to a beautiful group of dominatrix friends?

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