Humiliation mistress Sheba of Manchester.

For those of you with a fondness for humiliation:

  1. Bring your submissive germ of an idea to My feet
  2. Talk to Me openly and without restraint
  3. I will manifest that hunger for humiliation into an fully saturated sensory experience

Providing inspiration for both the “new curious” or the “progressive daring” is one of the most motivating parts of My role as a successful Dominant. Humiliation covers several aspects, verbal, physical, sexual and degradation.  I get a huge kick out of the trust put in Me by My Clients and My aim is to provide an experience that will eclipse your desires. 


Perhaps your yearning is to transform and become something shameful or servile. Sissification is the subject of a previous blog on my site. It creates so many creative opportunities to humiliate and belittle the worthless wannabe tramps and dollies amongst you. I’ll sneer at your feeble attempts to beautify yourself as you apply your trashy make-up and smear your lipstick across your face.

I’m always on the lookout for a decent maid to tend to all my household needs. I make a hard taskmaster and when displeased, you will be disciplined with a bare bottom spanking. Perhaps on video cam shared with some of my Mistress Friends to humiliate you further. 

Pet Play

Pet play also offers a multitude of opportunities for humiliation as you become my puppy in training, always at ground level and kept on a very short leash. You’ll be taught to use the litter tray and only eat and drink from a bowl on the floor. There might even be opportunities to go for a walk in public if you earn my respect! Or maybe you long to be My little Piggy? You’ll be incarcerated in a cage, waiting for me to squeeze your flesh. Or I’LL prod you with my cane to make you squeal louder and louder…

Human Furniture

Human furniture is another aspect of humiliation that I thoroughly love. I should warn you all that I’m very fussy about my furniture and expect style, comfort and stability. When you assume the position of My footstool, that is all you will be for as long as I determine. Your unrestrained little penis will hang sadly down for my toe to flick dismissively when I so choose.

Shoe Cleaner

For those who like to go to work with their busy tongues, when you are My shoe shiner, it WILL all be completed to an immaculate standard. Failure to create sufficient shine will result in a ball gag whilst I watch you drool at my feet. 

Now let’s move on to SPH – Small Penis Humiliation, of course.

You must take my word that I’ve seen some minuscule specimens in My time but I’m always on the lookout for weeny cocks. For all of you unfortunates who’ve been badly cheated by nature, you’ll be verbally abused for your unimpressive member, quivering under my unforgiving scrutiny. I might have to force you to conceal it further by being trussed up in girly panties or perhaps I’ll decide to try to extend your erection on one of my milking machines as I berate you mercilessly for failing to fill the cylinder as it pumps away fruitlessly on your puny little acorn. 

For those unable to attend a face to face session with me, I also offer online humiliation services, which can include most of the areas outlined above but do feel free to contact me for more information.