BDSM and Domination sessions, Manchester

As a professional Dominatrix and lifestyle fetishist, I cover a large spectrum of BDSM and role play for all levels of participation and I am committed to offering the ultimate domination/fetish experience.  

You may rest assured that I will never be cajoled into entertaining anything dangerous that would put my professional reputation at risk or harm your mental or physical well being.

Everyone is welcome and treated with respect and empathy.  As a person I am non-judgemental and broad-minded.  My BDSM and Domination sessions are carefully constructed to take into consideration that I see both the nervous novice and seasoned players.

Prior to every initial session I always conduct a thorough consultation to discover areas of special BDSM interest or discuss fetish needs. I will always be respectful of definite no go areas and will immediately react responsibly to any given safe word though I seldom use them.

Verbal humiliation, seductive mind play as well as cock and ball torture are hobbies of mine. I take full advantage of these cruel pursuits as I amuse Myself during the training of novices and testing the worth of fetishists, seasoned slaves, pain sluts and sissies.



Bondage is an essential requirement of many sessions to ensure that My subjects are immobilised and have no option but to receive My attentions. In my bondage sessions I use ropes, cuffs, straps, mummification wrap and full body bags (leather-lined and heavy rubber). Examinations, torments and tortures must all be received — avoidance is not an option. I especially enjoy extreme forms of bondage, predicament and encasement. I am often kind to My slaves and permit a small breathing aperture… but I will decide if and when you breathe.

discipline and cp

Those who enjoy the more traditional aspects of discipline such as bare bottom spankings and corporal punishment, are dealt with in my study and domestic room.  I am an accomplished Martinet at setting the scene, engaging in role play and the ritualistic elements that form part of your unrivalled experience with Me.  You will be summoned to enter and confess your antics to the Head Mistress, Stepmother or Female Boss. Judicial punishments are especially enjoyable for Me.

tease and milking sessions

I have both a Venus 2000 and Tremblr machine and in addition to a premises stocked full of bondage equipment. How long the session lasts is your choice.  Will it be more than once you perform? Ruined? Forced? Prolonged? I will decide. There is little I prefer more than the relentless tease of a desperate man — preferably caged on a long term basis. That is true power!

cbt instruction

CBT instruction — this is where Mistress is especially strict… She expects Her instructions to be followed to the letter. All are welcome from timid players to pain sluts. Nothing pleases Mistress more than an obedient slave that willingly plays at his limits.
Tease, torment and mind games — you will have no option but to submit to Mistress’ power to control you, manipulate you… do you deserve punishment or reward… electrics or the Violet Wand? I decide.

rubber fetish

Rubber is a particular passion. I own many latex items for Me. For you, I also have a large selection of rubber items – hoods, body bags, inflatable sarcophagus, vac bed, vac cube, inflatable Studio Gum catsuit and body bag.


Other fetishes are entertained with creativity and relish — leather, hair, lipstick, foot/stocking/boot/shoe worship and all manner of sensory weaknesses you may have… I will elevate your desire to fever pitch. 


Humiliation for real losers – small cocks, ugly bastards, stupid ‘men’, pathetic wimps – ALL are welcome to experience Mistress’ sharp tongue and intolerance.


Sissies… dress to impress Mistress. Let’s talk about your cheap, trashy clothes and your whore-like make-up – Mistress can make your feel a million dollars… or a cheap worthless slut;

I love parties and I frequently co-host these very special events with My wonderful Mistress friends — Sissy Parties, Interactive Parties and Pegging are favourites. Details of future events are posted on my blog.

extended and overnight sessions  

I own the premises and all the contents so have free reign over them.  We can session over a multitude of rooms and cover either a wide range of play or limit this to a few choice activities. It is dependent upon your budget and the level of engagement involved. 

Occasionally I will accept offers of lunch or dinner but I do get many requests so please do not embarrass either of us by not understanding that this is subject to a minimum tribute of £200.

Finally, I do not allow any intimate Body Worship or entertain requests for me to go topless or nude in session. I do not engage in anything illegal or reckless activities (including hardsports), offer or consider any sexual or intimate services, provide fetish escort or tolerate hard sports.

Rooms and Equipment

The Red Room is a forbidding place, equipped with the finest items for My pleasure: Throne, stretching rack, Fetter’s St. Andrews cross, padded Fetter’s bondage wheel, full length cage, open-bottom Fetter’s interrogation chair, whipping benches, Fetter’s spanking horses, 5-point motorised suspension rig with suspension harnesses, a complete selection of the finest whips, canes, straps, crops, floggers, paddles; a full arsenal of needles and electro-stimulation devices, breath control apparatus, body bags, sensory deprivation masks, mummification tools and rubber vacuum and rubber inflatable kit.

The Grey Room is a more contemporary space where I prefer to see those whose interests lie more in the sensual side of submission, or those who have a strong fetish interest.  All the furniture in here is bespoke you won’t have seen it anywhere else before! These are true labours of love and gifts from a slave to his Mistress.  There is an impressive throne, a padded bondage bed/stretching rack with winches, a Catherine Wheel, 8 point wall restraints, a multi-function spanking bench and a queening stool (Mistress is always clothed).

The Medical Suite has a genuine examination table, a Fetter’s gynaecological chair with stirrups and many straps to immobilise you, and a full cabinet of medical instruments for clients requiring strict (or light hearted) medical experiences, enemas, catheters. I have the means to recreate authentic medical scenes or can create a full-on Gummiklinik experience not often seen outside of Germany.

The Study and Domestic Room is where I indulge My passion for CP and other domestic and office based role play scenarios (Dominant Wife, Your Boss, Landlady of a Boarding House, Naughty Neighbour). My tools are the finest available and sourced from Quality Control, The London Tanners and M C Customs.  I am also the proud owner of an exact replica of the original ‘Berkley Horse’ an item of historic importance in English CP.

Booking your BDSM and Domination session

In the first instance, you should call Me directly on my mobile: 07947 333 967 (withheld numbers go unanswered).

Remember that I am a Dominant and your communication with Me must always be mindful of that.