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26/05/20 For those who crave a worse lockdown….

I become very attentive when a man is locked. I enjoy watching the ebb and flow of frustration closely followed by waves of weak desperation. But most of all I delight in the desperate bleating for attention (I ignore most of this) … where I am told every waking moment is now consumed by thoughts of Me and sleep is constantly interrupted by pressure from the cage. Literally drowned in your own horniness!

13/05/2020 Worship

As promised! Tried oiling them up but it started removing the polish. This is one huge benefit of our new norm – time for photos and blog.

I must stress again that I will NOT be taking live sessions until you hear about it on here. I do not wish to keep having to reiterate myself on Twitter so this is the only place I will discuss.

That also means that NO ONE ELSE will be using the dungeon for sessions, filming or photo shoots. No one is asking to hire – just people asking if anyone is sessioning. I don’t know any Mistress that would even consider it.

If you are desperate for a session – you do realise that I am 100% fine with that and it affects me not in the slightest BUT I don’t want to hear about it unless you come either bearing worthy tribute or temporarily scratch that itch with … paid phone, photos, WhatsApp, cam all sorts of different avenues I have generously provided to stave off desperation.

Tomorrow I will post a couple more pictures. I am thinking of provoking some twitching that will make your lockdown even more difficult. I will try and get them to land here just before your bedtime – Ha!

Moving swiftly on to more wholesome topics. I think it’s about time we got to know one another a little better! I’m going to start doing a series of separate blogs about the different types of sessions I do and what it is about them that I enjoy. Hopefully it will broaden the minds of those that I see, answer questions and help those that have not yet visited something to look forward to. Please join Me and feel free to send any questions that you have to

When vanilla home and kink collide

Another week has passed. Home is currently being repainted to provide more interesting backdrops to photographs and video. It is much more difficult at home. It doesn’t have that free flow that a session does where I can casually pick up items. Soon I think I will be taking my live-in slave into work to film and have photos taken. His interests are expanding but I will be honest with you … I need variety where the male form is concerned: I have being craving a nice, pair of juicy thighs mmm.

Unsure where I will be placing my content in the future. Might do a *vanilla* account where I pose in underwear, get super fit bod and then start dropping in latex shoots; lingerie shoots in unusual settings … do the reverse of when vanillas appropriate our industry’s fashion. Not even joking.

Bad thoughts side…. hope everyone is managing okay and not going stir crazy. Things for you to do in the meantime – get familiar with wearing a mask and only masturbate whilst wearing gloves. Learn how to catch all that filth in one hand and then roll the glove up and dispose.

Tomorrow I am going to post something I have never done before – a picture of my beautiful, oiled feet and you can imagine just how great they would feel sliding …. well I will leave that up to your imagination.

Mistress Sheba


As the weeks go by I am noticing that the anxiety levels amongst some of the people that visit Me are increasing. Many are concerned as to when will I reopen so here are my thoughts on that particular subject.

I have DIY to do in the building and it has taken longer than anticipated so another month at least in lock down will probably suit me fine to complete this work.

There is not going to be a time when it is 100% safe to re-open. But I do believe that there will, in the not too distant future, a time when the risk has greatly reduced and it is feasible to recommence sessions in what will be a temporarily changed and conscientious environment.

If tomorrow there was an announcement that it was business as usual then I still wouldn’t reopen as I would not be comfortable in doing so: I need to see a significant reduction in risk. Shortly before we came into lockdown I took an appointment and it was incredibly stressful and disjointed due to the obsessive cleaning. So I am mindful that I do not wish to return with that level of stress and for it to impact negatively on our time together.

I will reopen and very slowly ease back into things. There may be one session a day for a considerable length of time; we may wear masks; I might wear full latex coverage; I will be conscious of those that I see – medical issues, age, living arrangements and how they travel to me etc…. There are many variables. These are ideas that float through my head but I do not stress about them. If there are aspects of my life that are outside of my control then I have to focus on that which I have control of to keep a perspective on things. I was previously a Head of Risk so this is an area that is deeply ingrained in me.

I am grateful to those that have supported me financially either through paid advance appointments, text/phone/WhatsApp chat. Please continue to support my endeavours and I promise you that those that do so will be afforded extra privileges and will not be forgotten.

***I have a small number of people that are each paying a monthly tribute of £100 for WhatsApp and phone chat in order to have greater access to me. I would like to expand upon this number because it is going well and I am enjoying the contact. I would also like to include a couple of guys doing email and text. We can talk about anything you’d like – session activities (can include things I don’t offer in real life. Nothing illegal though) right through to any worries you may have, practical advice or emotional support***

ALSO, I have written a number of blog posts dealing with the current climate but I would like to stop doing so. This will be easy given that I took in my personal slave on the cusp of the lockdown. So get ready for photos and mini videos so check back here frequently!

Mistress Sheba


Hope everyone is doing okay and is adjusting to these temporary limited movements. Fingers crossed we have now reached the peak of the virus 🦠 and we can soon return to freedom.

I’m managing to keep myself very busy but do have the occasional day of achieving very little and I feel not the slightest bit of guilt for that. This is the longest I have been away from kink – even longer than the maternity leave I gave myself 😂 But breaks are good. Time away can be a luxury in providing space to think about how one can re-jig things to make life easier moving forward. That is never a bad thing. I accept that the world will be a changed place. This situation has made us all vulnerable.

Later this week slave and I will re-start and finish the plastering. I have come to the *convenient* conclusion that my earlier end goal of perfectly plastered walls would be detrimental to what is a 200yr old building so I shall embrace the odd wonky section.

Just before lockdown I acquired another room. It lends itself perfectly to being exclusively an AB room with a further room off this that can be used as a playroom. This isn’t a large space but it is useful and interesting. I have now started thinking that maybe a lock up leading to a cell with bed might be interesting…. or a Rubber Room and then thought what about a Cam Room/photo studio. Now I am plagued with too many options. I’ll just do the room up and see what happens 🤯🥶

This room for anyone who is interested is accessed via under the stairs on the ground floor. It used to be the kitchen and laundry room to my building. It requires little work other than a 30 minute knock through (lathes), door frames and some floorboards replacing. I have all the PPE required for tackling plaster dust. I will require a builder slave for this work so please apply via email and I am sure we can come so some arrangement.

In the meantime I am available for Skype, Webcam and WhatsApp sessions.

Mistress Sheba

5/4 Photos a coming

Tonight is your lucky night: I’ve brought home a large portion of my sessioning wardrobe and spent the early hours of this morning organising it in readiness for some new photographs. I no longer have the excuse of “being too busy”.
I have lots of outfits to cover the spectrum of what I offer from latex, leather to hosiery and corsetry and what I call the sleazy outfits. What interests me is what people take from the photos. What sets their pulse raising and their cock twitching. Often I’ve taken photos down from the site only to be contacted for a copy as it was a person’s favourite. They liked the harshness or the softness of my face; the contrast between flesh and stockings; the crossed legs in glossy tights, the ankle, the breasts et al. I have frequently sessioned where the ONLY focus is on the fetish object. Why would I feel uncomfortable being objectified as a body part or spin a web of fetish decadence around your particular obsession when I identify as both fetishist and dominant. I wouldn’t.
Many that I see will tell me their interests but sometimes where there is also a fetish interest they are uncomfortable to say this outright. At least the first few times I see them but I absolutely want people to inform me of this: for the simple reason it gives me a massive advantage. It will send the session into the stratosphere. So never be afraid to speak up when prompted! 😘

Trapped by Covid 19 😂

Look at my hair. The red has faded back to blonde without me realising it!

Hope all my slaves are keeping safe. Have you adjusted yet to the new way of life or are you struggling now freedom of movement has been curtailed. I’m lucky in that I can still travel to the Dungeon but it is not the same when the energy of interactions is not there.

I do understand why certain individuals (yes – you over 60s!!) are still contacting me regarding in person appointments. I have this theory that it is the fear of dying that is the main driver for session requests right now, which seems like crazy talk. On the face of it – this is totally contradictory. No, I won’t be seeing you… I’m more of a rebel than you’ll ever be and if I can abide by these suffocating restrictions then so can you. Have patience! Take away the edge and do something more useful than text and phone grovelling:- Pay for chat. Pay for WhatsApp. Pay for an advance session or book a Skype session.

My home studio is coming along well. I know it’s unattainable for me to work cooped up in my small slither of an office so have worked out different zones that can be utilised for a change of scenery to keep cabin fever at bay. This desire has created a knock on effect of unanticipated banal work as I discovered that not only have family added even more junk to my already crammed rooms full of their junk but they have also taken over whatever storage space I had left.

Over the course of the last few weeks some generous slaves have contributed to my Amazon wish list so I now have camera, lights, tripods etc… and I appreciate that they did this. I have also had slaves that have paid in advance for future sessions. This is hugely beneficial as it gives us both something to look forward to when we are emancipated from this lockdown – and alleviates some of the worries that I have had. Others have had phone chat… some general chatting that you miss and also bad , kink chat with the horn dogs 😂 Either goes with me and makes me realise that I miss pre-and-post session chats nearly as much as the sessions. I cherish that slaves of mine entrust me with intimate knowledge that they have never spoken about with anyone else. I do really enjoy that aspect of my work.

Also spending quarantine registering some properties with the Land Registry. My background is Property Lawyer, mainly commercial, but did a stint in Residential Conveyancing and I have the laborious task of proving ownership of some houses that my father took control of 12yrs ago. I am so rusty… eventually it comes back to me – only for me to discover that a lot has changed in the last 10yrs. I have moved on and so has the law.

Finally, stay safe everyone and try to remain sane. Enjoy the weather that is coming our way and I do hope that anxiety is not eating people up. Last week I felt so down hearted (not a homebody) but turned a corner and just accepted it. All we can do is ride this out as best we can and accept that other than protecting ourselves and others we have little control over anything else.


Corona Update

I hope everyone is coping as best they can in these difficult times. For me, some days are easier than others as I struggle to adapt to this new normal. I am growing tired of obsessively searching the news and the overuse of hand sanitiser is making me nauseous. I wish for my sunny disposition and positive outlook to return pronto!

As we can no longer hold real time sessions I shall use this time to learn what I have never had the time to do before: learn to film, do online sessions and phone/Whatsapp chat. Right now I am in the process of setting up a small home office and turning my bedroom into a studio. I look forward to engaging with you all once this has been finished. I will announce it on here when I am ready to go live.

During this time away it would be immensely helpful (and I would be especially grateful) to receive monitory contributions either by way of a gift or as pre-payment for a future appointment. This would assist me in covering the dungeon bills, buying a few bits of lighting and would relieve some of my current anxiety over how these items will get paid.

Back tomorrow!


The Dungeon is currently open as usual for appointments. Like the rest of the world, I am keeping a close eye on guide lines and the rapidly changing situation. Whilst I may be brave; I am not a foolish person and should it become apparent that operating is untenable then I will always put health and safety of all who use my premises above income.

Presently there is much rotation and excessive cleaning of all of the rooms and shared communal spaces. Trust me when I say nothing is neglected…I am like a hawk.

The premises are understandably quieter than normal but I thank those who continue to support us in these difficult times whilst also appreciating that the vast majority have their own concerns. We will not forget this.

I am monitoring who has used the premises and when they were last in. If anyone catches the virus or quarantines themselves then we will discreetly inform you straight away. Likewise – you will ensure that if you are taken ill or it becomes known that you are at risk from exposure – you will inform us straight away.

I would implore anybody who shows any signs of having the virus to not make or attend appointments. In addition if you have a compromised immune system; are immunosuppressant and belong to any *at risk group* then please think of your health and that of others and don’t attend. If you have been outside of the UK within the past month then please hold off booking appointments.

Finally, despite the stress please maintain high levels of curtesy and respect for others. This to varying degrees is affecting all of us XX

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Feb 2020 New Fetter’s Furniture!

Bondage Horse
Rack Bondage
F-ing Bench

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