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5/4 Photos a coming

Tonight is your lucky night: I’ve brought home a large portion of my sessioning wardrobe and spent the early hours of this morning organising it in readiness for some new photographs. I no longer have the excuse of “being too busy”.
I have lots of outfits to cover the spectrum of what I offer from latex, leather to hosiery and corsetry and what I call the sleazy outfits. What interests me is what people take from the photos. What sets their pulse raising and their cock twitching. Often I’ve taken photos down from the site only to be contacted for a copy as it was a person’s favourite. They liked the harshness or the softness of my face; the contrast between flesh and stockings; the crossed legs in glossy tights, the ankle, the breasts et al. I have frequently sessioned where the ONLY focus is on the fetish object. Why would I feel uncomfortable being objectified as a body part or spin a web of fetish decadence around your particular obsession when I identify as both fetishist and dominant. I wouldn’t.
Many that I see will tell me their interests but sometimes where there is also a fetish interest they are uncomfortable to say this outright. At least the first few times I see them but I absolutely want people to inform me of this: for the simple reason it gives me a massive advantage. It will send the session into the stratosphere. So never be afraid to speak up when prompted! 😘

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