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(16/02/2015) Studio Gum, Heavy Rubber & Inflatable Rubber

I think in future I’m going to be more realistic when it comes to blog entries. Obviously it was mere wishful thinking on my part that I would get around to listing my new items last week! The truth is when it comes down to given a choice between sessions or blog entries.  Sessions always win and I have been unusually busy for what is usually my quietest time of year.  No complaints here – I will unashamedly admit that I love my ‘work’.

Photo 1 shows a sample of the new rubber hoods.  We have rebreathers; inflatables, extreme inflatables; breath play; feeding and anaesthesia ones.

Photo 2 is a half inflated Studio Gum catsuit.  I have an inflatable sleep sack with two points of entry; a body bag; an inflatable rubber catsuit; a straight jacket and a catsuit with attached gloves and socks; inflatable mittens and not to mention several of their hoods.  All heavy rubber and all made by, Studio Gum.

Photo 3 is the inflatable sack complete with insert.  The prey here has spent 7 years as my slave.  No chance of emancipation from me, although I do occasionally get rid of the odd slave.  He was one of my favourites (up until recently).  Slowly he is creeping back into my good books by surrendering to rubber bondage and breath play; neither of which he has ever expressed the slightest of interest in exploring! Ha! Ha!

Picture 4.  Poor Pike in rubber prison.  Here is another one with 7 years of servitude under his belt.  Despite his best efforts he is still not number 1, but he is close.  This is as good as it gets for him.  Next time, he will be placed in rubber prison and then put in the inflatable sleep sack.  Hot, dark and wet.  All the Studio Gum has three way zips and I never fail to remember to unzip.  I may be out of bounds, but no part of your body is!

I am available for appointments Monday to Friday and the occasional Saturday.

If you would like to experience the Studio Gum items then let me know in advance.  I have a powerful air compressor, so inflation is very quick.  There is a small surcharge of £10 to use these items for appointments under two hours and that is payable across the board.

Manchester Dominatrix and Rubber Mistress, Mistress Sheba