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(15/01/2015) New Curiosities

Some of those who have visited me recently will know that Christmas came early for me last year. And in a really big way. Years from now I will pass down my great haul to another special Mistress, one who may not even exist yet! And no doubt she will have the finest chambers of them all!

There are too many additions to list on one blog alone, so over the course of the next week – beginning on Monday – I will cover, day by day all that has magically appeared and reveal the creation of a new room. You will see…this is not mere sales puff.

Of course this leads me on to another challenge. I need to free up some space by selling off some of my equipment. For sale is the following with prices to follow shortly:

Bondage Bench
Fetters Wheel
Ball cage (can also suspend)
Fully operational Medical Bed SOLD
Bondage Throne
Suspension Frame – huge
Toilette SOLD
Antique Lectern SOLD
Fetters whipping bench
Refurbished spanking horse  SOLD
Bespoke AB cot
Bespoke AB high chair  SOLD

All items have been well cared for and are in very good condition. If you are interested in any of them, then drop me an email with the subject heading ‘Items for Sale’.

Mistress Sheba, Manchester Dominatrix

02/12/2014 Medical Room upgrade plus NEW TOYS

The Medical Room is now whiter than white and I have two new pieces of equipment – a super restrictive gas mask and a new re breathing + poppers system.

The mask can be attached to certain elements of the system, but I’ve also taken the liberty of purchasing an additional hose. One thing that never fails to titillate me is that unique raspy sound of laboured breath which emanates from whoever is tightly sealed in the mask Mmmm

There are three more items due before Christmas. All are exciting purchases if you like rubber, restriction, inflation and breath control or any combination of these! Me, well I like administering them, but I will have a try on the vacuum bed as this is not a standard one. The head is free AND the vacuum need only be on 5 mins before you can seal and switch off without deflation. But I know that a lot of you like the rubber shrinking around the skin, the initial phase, the best.

Visited Mistress Firefly in her new play space in Leeds last week. WOW – very impressive and it takes a lot to impress me. Looking good, looking really good. I want a grey dungeon now!

Mistress Sheba
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29/08/2014 Availability this coming week

The rubber vacuum bag is providing very popular and I’ve had patients in and out of it all week.  Please be aware that should you wish to try this in session then there is an additional £50 payable on top of the usual session fee and I need to know when you are making your appointment you would like to have it in session.

This week treatments are unavailable in the Medical Room until Wednesday (possibly Thursday) as some floor joists are being replaced in the small room adjoining it.  This room will then become an extension of the Medical Room.

There is also a second Study on the ground floor now with the double doors opening up to the Confession Booth.  Now about that booth I would like to point out that aside from the red leather curtains it remains exactly as it once was when it stood in a Belgium church.  It is not going to have any additions to it.  No, No, No.  Even though I have no religious conviction that to me, would be wrong.

I’m available on Tuesday and Thursday this week and a half day on Saturday.


Phone:  07947 333 967


Mistress Sheba, Manchester Dominatrix and London Dominatrix