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02/12/2014 Medical Room upgrade plus NEW TOYS

The Medical Room is now whiter than white and I have two new pieces of equipment – a super restrictive gas mask and a new re breathing + poppers system.

The mask can be attached to certain elements of the system, but I’ve also taken the liberty of purchasing an additional hose. One thing that never fails to titillate me is that unique raspy sound of laboured breath which emanates from whoever is tightly sealed in the mask Mmmm

There are three more items due before Christmas. All are exciting purchases if you like rubber, restriction, inflation and breath control or any combination of these! Me, well I like administering them, but I will have a try on the vacuum bed as this is not a standard one. The head is free AND the vacuum need only be on 5 mins before you can seal and switch off without deflation. But I know that a lot of you like the rubber shrinking around the skin, the initial phase, the best.

Visited Mistress Firefly in her new play space in Leeds last week. WOW – very impressive and it takes a lot to impress me. Looking good, looking really good. I want a grey dungeon now!

Mistress Sheba
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An interesting week has passed me by and I’ve not sessioned once which makes it all the more remarkable!  I am however available for appointments today and Thursday.

I have spent the last few weeks watching American Horror Story.  There was one particular scene that really resonated with me in Series 1.  It’s where the husband gets so aroused by the sight of the maid that he has to go and pleasure himself so as to not get himself into any trouble.  Let me tell you that years ago I spent many a night telling stories whilst my ex pleasured himself standing by the side of the bed.  I’ll never forget this deep and meaningless conversation we had one morning where he complained that I had gone off sex and I corrected him by saying that wasn’t entirely correct – I had just gone off sex with him. Big difference!

Newspaper Fetish

Wow – I must be coming up high in the search engines for this because I have now accumulated a dozen contacts with this fetish interest and each scenario is different.  I need copious amounts of the broadsheets – the Financial Times in particular.  So if you’re hoarding these for no particular reason other than ‘they may come in useful one day’, then do pass them on because that day is coming.  If you would like to join the club then email me with a brief description of your fantasy scenario and the heading ‘newspaper fetish’.

Mistress Sheba

Manchester Dominatrix

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(08/09/2014) Availability Tues, Weds and Thurs

I am often asked why I called myself Mistress Sheba.  I find this unusual.  Is it not obvious that it is after the Queen of Sheba!  Also I like that it’s also a brand of cat food.  I watch the black cat sashay across the room and think of myself slinking around in my black catsuit.  And now, so too will all of you.

I don’t have much availability this week as I’ve become good at answering my calls and emails.  And I’m even seeing new people again after leafing through my diaries and making a note that I’d only seen 14 new clients in the last two years.  I keep a record of ‘new to me’, ‘new to the chambers’ and ‘returners’.  It is important that people return because that is testament to how good you are at what you do.

Also, I have a new Maid – who I am trialling out on Wednesday.  I met her at the very beginning and it is lovely to be reacquainted. A proper Maid too not like some of those disgraces that I see wandering around.  If you call yourself a Maid, that is exactly how I will treat you!  I value the true Maid and laugh when they say they have completed their duties because I am always able to reel off a list of obscure and nasty jobs.  The truly mediocre Maid will find herself tasked to outdoor activities such as window cleaning and litter collecting in their regular clothes but with a full painted face.

On Tuesday I have 1 appointment available at 6.30pm for an hour.

On Wednesday I am available between 2.30pm and 5pm.

On Thursday I am available at 11am for 1hr.

It will be difficult for me to answer my phone outside of these times so please email .  My regulars are fine to text appointments through on 07947 333 967.


Manchester Dominatrix,

Mistress Sheba

29/08/2014 Availability this coming week

The rubber vacuum bag is providing very popular and I’ve had patients in and out of it all week.  Please be aware that should you wish to try this in session then there is an additional £50 payable on top of the usual session fee and I need to know when you are making your appointment you would like to have it in session.

This week treatments are unavailable in the Medical Room until Wednesday (possibly Thursday) as some floor joists are being replaced in the small room adjoining it.  This room will then become an extension of the Medical Room.

There is also a second Study on the ground floor now with the double doors opening up to the Confession Booth.  Now about that booth I would like to point out that aside from the red leather curtains it remains exactly as it once was when it stood in a Belgium church.  It is not going to have any additions to it.  No, No, No.  Even though I have no religious conviction that to me, would be wrong.

I’m available on Tuesday and Thursday this week and a half day on Saturday.


Phone:  07947 333 967


Mistress Sheba, Manchester Dominatrix and London Dominatrix

(22/10/2012) Sheba’s new curiosities: the Catherine Wheel & the Multi-Bench

Firstly, my availability this week is limited to the following:

I have one appointment at 11am/11.30am on Thursday;

And another one on Friday about 4.30pm for an hour.

I’m in next week on Monday 29, Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 October and available for sessions.

If our schedules do not align and you are going to miss me this time then I can recommend Miss Kitty, Mistress Firefly or trainee Mistress Aimee as very good alternatives (Mistress Charlene is with me in London for the early part of this week but will re-appear Wednesday onwards).

New Equipment

*There are some beautiful new pieces of furniture in the Peach Room (pictured); a Catherine Wheel, which is very different to the Fetters Bondage Wheel in the Red Room and a Multi-function Spanking Bench (spot the difference in the first two pictures).

I would just like to point out that in no way is this chamber room as cramped as the picture suggests.  My photographer was given implicit instructions to take separate pictures of the items, but as usual tried to get everything into the one shot!

We have had excellent feedback on both of these pieces.  These were especially made for me as a very generous gift, so you wont have seen them anywhere else before now.

I will be adding another page to my site where anyone interested in commissioning  similar one-off pieces may do so and I will forward your details on.  His fetish furniture is better by far than anything else that is out there in the UK market and I know because I either own some of the competition’s pieces or have used them in my travels around the country.

It was my Birthday yesterday (Libra – the best sign by far) and I would have loved to let you know that I celebrated in style, but as most of my regulars know my life is currently blighted by the illness of someone close to me.  And because of this, any type of celebration just wouldn’t feel right for me at the moment.  Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon and I can have a belated Birthday.  But, I have appreciated all the warm messages and divine offerings given to me by my most devoted submissives.

New Pictures

Keep checking my Blog as later on this week when I have a little more time I will be uploading pictures of some fabulous Agent Provocateur attire I recently purchased… they have got to be the BEST fetish underwear sets ever manufactured, one is practically a strap outfit and the other similar to fishing net (trust me – they look fabulous) And just think sissy-sluts….one day they will all be yours!  I don’t think some of you are aware just how expensive my underwear costs or even what it looks like, but I like to get my monies worth, so when I have tired of it…in the tranny box it goes.!

Pop-up Room…

What do you do when you want an extra three rooms to accommodate all your fantasy stages – more domestic than dungeon – but you have only two rooms left to develop?  You create a Pop-Up room that’s what and use the neighbouring room to house all your props when they are not in use!

This room will rotate on a monthly basis…from medical ward, feminisation boudoir and then one other use that remains a closely guarded secret for now!

All that is left is for the doors to be made and then the room will open.


Mistress Sheba, Manchester Dominatrix

07947 333 967

(03/09/2012) Away until 19 September

I am now away and sessions will re-commence on Thursday 19 September.

Please direct all enquiries to my email address: and I will answer these within a couple of days of my return.

All those that are known to me may text through appointment requests but please keep them brief.

If you were looking to session during the period that I am absent then I can recommend my Mistress friends – Miss Kitty, Mistress Firefly, Miss Aimee (switch – trainee Mistress) and Mistress Charlene. I am happy for you to session with them whilst I am away.

Mistress Sheba
07947 333 967

I will next be in London at the beginning of October.