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(05/05/2015) Adult Baby Nursery


The ‘Adult Baby Nursery’ has been born!  For many years this had been off my radar for the simple reason: it requires a whole lot of furniture and paraphernalia to be able to care and nurture Adult Babies.  Well, I have it all now Adult Babies…I am the guardian of Nanny Eva’s former Adult Baby Nursery.  Ah my Adult Baby Room is looking very lovely: a haven of tranquility … well, at least until the adult babies arrive!

Now I don’t often talk about my non-professional life but I will tell you one thing:  I was blessed with the most amazing mother a girl could have.  No mummy even comes close to mine.  She is 100% a good person and is dearly loved by everyone. All my badness comes from my father’s side!  She helped me hand wash my Adult Baby clothes, pressed them and her only comments on the whole thing was ‘different people like different things.  I have watched a few documentaries on Adult Babies’.  Love you mummy 8-)

Okay after that digression, let me tell you how the Adult Baby Nursery is furnished:

I have a beautiful oversized cot in french-polished mahogany complete with the obligatory drop-down side and step-up, a broderie anglaise canopy with tie backs, mobiles, soft fleecy blankies and soothers;

A high chair in the same wood and finish as mentioned above – pure luxury Adult Babies;

A secure high chair with restraints for fussy eaters, those who can’t sit still or worse – the disobedient;

A padded green leather changing table;

A night vision video monitor with two way talk and;

A naughty step.

I don’t really want this blog entry to run too long into a mere list but I have nappies, terry towelling nappies, heaps of bibs, bonnets, scratch mittens, baby grows, romper suits, dungarees, day dresses, party dresses, lots of plastic clothing, etc…

If you haven’t yet met me then be assured that I am highly creative and imaginative when it comes to role play, fetish play and bdsm activities.  I also have a deep psychological understanding and interest in those who visit me as I would not waste my life doing something that I was not really good at and dedicated to!

Special thanks to the model in the pics.  Great guy who really got into it!


Mistress Sheba

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