2019 Recent News

Oops. Long time no post. What can I say – always have preferred real time meets over computer work.  Speaking of which, I must prise myself away from Apple products that I have never gotten along with, but fear it will be a messy divorce what with all of baggage thats now integrated with crap iMac etc .  Boo hoo!

So, my recent news is that my fabulous premises have had a refurbishment.  Here is a brief run down of what’s changed:-

The Peach Room is no more and has been replaced with a more contemporary grey colour.  Concrete to be precise

The Sissy Room has had a major overhaul and is looking amazing with a wall of oversized mirrored wardrobes, chandeliers and my reclaimed confessional booth. I don’t know… the Catholic Church cashing in on a church closure.

We have a new and luxurious shuttered Boudoir Room with a sumptuous White Company four poster bed mmm.  This provides an excellent addition to my Domestic/Study on the second floor.  It also lends itself perfectly for domestic style sessions; massage and worship; and for travelling Mistresses who wish to use the premises on their travels.

Mistress Sheba