The Study and Domestic Room – CP is a real passion of mine alongside other domestic and office based role play scenarios (Dominant Wife, Your Boss, Landlady of a Boarding House, Naughty Neighbour). My tools are the finest available and sourced from Quality Control, The London Tanners and M C Customs.  In the furthest corner there is an exact replica of the original ‘Berkley Horse’ an item of historic importance in English CP.

Peach Chamber.  This is the ‘softer’ chamber and where I prefer to see those whose interests lie more in the sensual side of submission or those who have a strong fetish interest.  All the furniture in here is bespoke – you won’t have seen it anywhere else before! These are true labours of love and gifts from a slave to his Mistress.  There is an impressive throne, a padded bondage bed/stretching rack with winches, a Catherine Wheel, 8 point wall restraints; a multi-function spanking bench and a queening stool – always clothed!

The Red Room.  This is a more forbidding place!  If you seek classical domination with a 21st Century upgrade and lots of bondage, then step inside! I have a bondage bed with overhead gantry, stirrups and winches; a 5 point motorised suspension rig with suspension harnesses, a padded Fetter’s bondage wheel, a padded cross and an open-bottom interrogation chair

The Medical Suite contains original medical furniture alongside a Fetter’s gynaecological chair.  I have the means to recreate authentic medical scenes or can create a full-on Gummiklinik experience not often seen outside of Germany.