Corona Update

I hope everyone is coping as best they can in these difficult times. For me, some days are easier than others as I struggle to adapt to this new normal. I am growing tired of obsessively searching the news and the overuse of hand sanitiser is making me nauseous. I wish for my sunny disposition and positive outlook to return pronto!

As we can no longer hold real time sessions I shall use this time to learn what I have never had the time to do before: learn to film, do online sessions and phone/Whatsapp chat. Right now I am in the process of setting up a small home office and turning my bedroom into a studio. I look forward to engaging with you all once this has been finished. I will announce it on here when I am ready to go live.

During this time away it would be immensely helpful (and I would be especially grateful) to receive monitory contributions either by way of a gift or as pre-payment for a future appointment. This would assist me in covering the dungeon bills, buying a few bits of lighting and would relieve some of my current anxiety over how these items will get paid.

Back tomorrow!

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