(31/01/2017) New Rubber Pictures…coming very soon

I have spent the best part of a week sifting through my wardrobe and reduced it by 90%.  SO many clothes accumulated over the years.

My favourites have survived along with all of my gorgeous new rubber items from House of Harlot.  Must have photographs taken in them.  I’ve always had a thing for clothes and being a Dominatrix has enabled my love of clothes to take me in different directions over the years.  Unfortunately, I can’t carry off anything that’s cheap:  everything has to be tailored and I could never buy off the peg fetish clothes.

Also, along with all the new regulations that look set to come into place I’ve already started to investigate having a compliant website, so the time is now to rid myself of my bad attitude towards being photographed.  A new website certainly calls for new photographs, don’t you think?


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