(29/09/2015) Special Training Day (Today-only)

Trainee Mistress in the chambers today between 12pm and 6pm!

Mistress Saphire and I will be jointly overseeing the training.

We already have a few clients in for the day who are into a wide range of activities, but there is space for one more into the cross dressing scene.

There is a vastly reduced tribute of £100 BUT bear in mind this is TRAINING NOT A SESSION so will not have the flow of a session.

Mid afternoon we are also hoping to have a trainee spanking party for an hour. Anyone who is in for the day gets an automatic invite!  3/3.30pm is looking like the possible start time.  This is £50 for the hour. Only really need 3 gentlemen/ladies for this to work.  Varying levels of CP would be good (hard to judicial haha).  Do not have the slightest concern as to accuracy – I am an expert administrator of all CP implements under my guise of Miss Pearl and have trained a lot of people over the past 6 years specifically in CP.

Please note that I have purposefully advertised this late on my blog.  This is just for today.  I do NOT want to hear from anybody post today’s date 29/09/2015 whether there will be any more training days.


Mistress Sheba



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