An interesting week has passed me by and I’ve not sessioned once which makes it all the more remarkable!  I am however available for appointments today and Thursday.

I have spent the last few weeks watching American Horror Story.  There was one particular scene that really resonated with me in Series 1.  It’s where the husband gets so aroused by the sight of the maid that he has to go and pleasure himself so as to not get himself into any trouble.  Let me tell you that years ago I spent many a night telling stories whilst my ex pleasured himself standing by the side of the bed.  I’ll never forget this deep and meaningless conversation we had one morning where he complained that I had gone off sex and I corrected him by saying that wasn’t entirely correct – I had just gone off sex with him. Big difference!

Newspaper Fetish

Wow – I must be coming up high in the search engines for this because I have now accumulated a dozen contacts with this fetish interest and each scenario is different.  I need copious amounts of the broadsheets – the Financial Times in particular.  So if you’re hoarding these for no particular reason other than ‘they may come in useful one day’, then do pass them on because that day is coming.  If you would like to join the club then email me with a brief description of your fantasy scenario and the heading ‘newspaper fetish’.

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