(21/08/2014) Now holding court on Tuesdays-Thursdays


I thought it best to write a blog so that I do not slip even further back on dear google.  I do occasionally entertain myself with the idea of linking myself back up to the old directories, but I am habitually bad at updating this blog, so the chances of that happening are slim.  I am going to make a concerted effort to update at least once a week from this day forth.

Just as bad on Twitter!  Are you aware that Mistress has signed up on there?  No, I didn’t think so.  Okay so I’ve not actually posted anything on there yet, but you never know…one of these days I might just surprise you.

I’ve also increased my days to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.  I rather enjoyed my cameo appearances, but needs must.  In the last couple of weeks I have been informed that an inheritance that I had rather taken for granted would pass to me is now set to bypass me completely.  The only bonus is that I am now more motivated than at any other time…

I was discussing with another Mistress the other day how some slaves mistakenly believe that during the course of a busy day a Mistress is at her best early on.  We both disagreed with this notion.  We never lag during the course of a busy day as you take the energy from one session over into the next.  If you are at the softer end of the spectrum, 11am – 2pm is the best time for you to visit.  However if your inclination is for the more adrenaline infused experiences – after 4pm is the very best time.  I sincerely wish that I could take late night appointments as you meet some really interesting people…the extreme fetishists and unusual requests come out late at night.

In the picture (and if you click on it, it goes so big it’s like having me right there with you.) above I am wearing a corselette.  The perfect attire for the dominant wife, don’t you think?  I do love my role play – no one can touch me when it comes to role play and I mean that metaphorically; although saying that I can’t stand attempts at mauling me.  It makes my skin crawl at the thought. One time, several years ago a long term slave could not understand my revulsion when after attempting to reach for my hand I responded by strapping, tawsing and caning both palms with vigour.  All the while he was showing no signs of enjoyment. After I’d tired he objected to the treatment – saying that it was uncalled for and that it wasn’t as though he had asked for sex.  Even now I am at a loss as to what could have been worse.

Nobody and I mean nobody has ever been to see me and asked for sex or sexual acts in my professional career.  This might not be other peoples experiences, but the fact is that nobody comes to see me for that.  For a lot of men, they would not be capable of achieving this in any event.  And I say that not to ridicule, but to point out the obvious, that for most of the men that I see visual stimulation is now no longer enough.  So you see, you’re not unique, but rather normal after all 8-)  I am an expert when it comes to understanding the kinky predilections of men.  I dare say if I was to appear on Mastermind that would be my specialist subject.  Men pay me a visit for things that for whatever reason they do not receive (or want to for that matter) outside of the confines of my four walls.  And I get that.  No explanation required. No need to justify yourself to me.  No judgements made.  But I do like to converse after session:  my profession interests me as do those who visit me.


Mistress Sheba, Manchester Dominatrix

The best method of contact is:  fetishsheba@gmail.com

Phone:  07947 333 967

P.S. I have recently read ‘Fifty Shades of Domination’ by Mistress Miranda.  If you enjoy reading about the ins and outs of a Mistress then I can highly recommend this – very well written and a lady to be admired.

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