(22/10/2012) Sheba’s new curiosities: the Catherine Wheel & the Multi-Bench

Firstly, my availability this week is limited to the following:

I have one appointment at 11am/11.30am on Thursday;

And another one on Friday about 4.30pm for an hour.

I’m in next week on Monday 29, Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 October and available for sessions.

If our schedules do not align and you are going to miss me this time then I can recommend Miss Kitty, Mistress Firefly or trainee Mistress Aimee as very good alternatives (Mistress Charlene is with me in London for the early part of this week but will re-appear Wednesday onwards).

New Equipment

*There are some beautiful new pieces of furniture in the Peach Room (pictured); a Catherine Wheel, which is very different to the Fetters Bondage Wheel in the Red Room and a Multi-function Spanking Bench (spot the difference in the first two pictures).

I would just like to point out that in no way is this chamber room as cramped as the picture suggests.  My photographer was given implicit instructions to take separate pictures of the items, but as usual tried to get everything into the one shot!

We have had excellent feedback on both of these pieces.  These were especially made for me as a very generous gift, so you wont have seen them anywhere else before now.

I will be adding another page to my site where anyone interested in commissioning  similar one-off pieces may do so and I will forward your details on.  His fetish furniture is better by far than anything else that is out there in the UK market and I know because I either own some of the competition’s pieces or have used them in my travels around the country.

It was my Birthday yesterday (Libra – the best sign by far) and I would have loved to let you know that I celebrated in style, but as most of my regulars know my life is currently blighted by the illness of someone close to me.  And because of this, any type of celebration just wouldn’t feel right for me at the moment.  Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon and I can have a belated Birthday.  But, I have appreciated all the warm messages and divine offerings given to me by my most devoted submissives.

New Pictures

Keep checking my Blog as later on this week when I have a little more time I will be uploading pictures of some fabulous Agent Provocateur attire I recently purchased… they have got to be the BEST fetish underwear sets ever manufactured, one is practically a strap outfit and the other similar to fishing net (trust me – they look fabulous) And just think sissy-sluts….one day they will all be yours!  I don’t think some of you are aware just how expensive my underwear costs or even what it looks like, but I like to get my monies worth, so when I have tired of it…in the tranny box it goes.!

Pop-up Room…

What do you do when you want an extra three rooms to accommodate all your fantasy stages – more domestic than dungeon – but you have only two rooms left to develop?  You create a Pop-Up room that’s what and use the neighbouring room to house all your props when they are not in use!

This room will rotate on a monthly basis…from medical ward, feminisation boudoir and then one other use that remains a closely guarded secret for now!

All that is left is for the doors to be made and then the room will open.


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