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30/03/2017 Glasgow Sessions on Monday 3 and 4 May

I’m looking forward to my return to Glasgow.  It has been 5 years.

Mistress Saphire is joining me and of course available for double sessions.  I’m not sure why, but whenever we’re in Scotland our appointments go on well into the night providing we have our afternoon cat nap (3-4).

If you would like to book an appointment please call on 07947 333 967.

(30/03/2017) Central London – Tuesday 11 April and Tuesday 23 May

On the 11 April I have availability at 4.30pm for 1-1.5hrs and the 23/5 is currently clear.

When I travel I always insist on a deposit been paid unless you are well known to me.


Mistress Sheba

07947 333 967


(31/01/2017) New Rubber Pictures…coming very soon

I have spent the best part of a week sifting through my wardrobe and reduced it by 90%.  SO many clothes accumulated over the years.

My favourites have survived along with all of my gorgeous new rubber items from House of Harlot.  Must have photographs taken in them.  I’ve always had a thing for clothes and being a Dominatrix has enabled my love of clothes to take me in different directions over the years.  Unfortunately, I can’t carry off anything that’s cheap:  everything has to be tailored and I could never buy off the peg fetish clothes.

Also, along with all the new regulations that look set to come into place I’ve already started to investigate having a compliant website, so the time is now to rid myself of my bad attitude towards being photographed.  A new website certainly calls for new photographs, don’t you think?


*Updated* (11/12/2016) central London Tues 16 and Wed 17 Feb

I have very limited availability left now.

On Tuesday I am free between the hours of 7pm and 9 pm for a 1hr appointment and on Wednesday I have 2.30 1hr available.

Mistress Saphire has a little availability left on the Tuesday and just the 2.30pm on Wednesday.  We have two mammoth double/triple sessions taking place on Wednesday.  So, if you wanted to see me, but can’t, then I can highly recommend her NOT as second choice, BUT equally as good!  Her number is 07505 678 910 (how’s that for a number!)

I like to boast that Mistress Eclipse is our protege, but the reality  is:  she is a natural, so we only need to teach her the mechanics.  She is also a Switch ooooh.  Her number is 07907 622 890.

If you would like to put yourself forward then my number is 07947 333 967.


Mistress Sheba

(27/11/2015) Edinburgh visit – 30/11 to 01/12

Mistress Saphire and I are back in this wonderful city on Monday 30 Nov and Tuesday 01 Dec. There are not many appointments left – a very late one on Monday 11pm or Tuesday 9am 1hr and 10.30am 1hr.

If you would like to book then please call me to discuss on 07947333967.

It’s always great coming to Scotland and this will be your last chance to serve me until the Spring.


(12/11/2015) London Wednesday 18 November

I am in central London on Wednesday 18 November.

Appointments are available from 4.30pm in the domestic area and study.

If you would like to make an appointment then please call me on 07947333967.

Please note that if I have not seen you before then a deposit will be required.

Mistress Sheba

(29/09/2015) Special Training Day (Today-only)

Trainee Mistress in the chambers today between 12pm and 6pm!

Mistress Saphire and I will be jointly overseeing the training.

We already have a few clients in for the day who are into a wide range of activities, but there is space for one more into the cross dressing scene.

There is a vastly reduced tribute of £100 BUT bear in mind this is TRAINING NOT A SESSION so will not have the flow of a session.

Mid afternoon we are also hoping to have a trainee spanking party for an hour. Anyone who is in for the day gets an automatic invite!  3/3.30pm is looking like the possible start time.  This is £50 for the hour. Only really need 3 gentlemen/ladies for this to work.  Varying levels of CP would be good (hard to judicial haha).  Do not have the slightest concern as to accuracy – I am an expert administrator of all CP implements under my guise of Miss Pearl and have trained a lot of people over the past 6 years specifically in CP.

Please note that I have purposefully advertised this late on my blog.  This is just for today.  I do NOT want to hear from anybody post today’s date 29/09/2015 whether there will be any more training days.


Mistress Sheba



(28/06/2015) Attention! My phone number


The only number I may be contacted on is 07947 333 967.

Some of you have my personal number, but I have today set it so that I can only receive personal calls and nothing work related so please all start using 07947 333 967.

On another note:

Only those with a confirmed appointment may visit the chambers.  Without exception, anybody who turns up unannounced, will not be seen.  I will not compromise the comfort and safety of those who visit and use my premises for those who do not understand basic respect and good manners.


Mistress Sheba

Updated (28/06/2015) Visiting central London

I am visiting central London again on Thursday 16 July and have one appointment available at 6.30pm.

It would be good to see some of my old slaves and fetishists from days gone by…ahhh I’m becoming sentimental.


Mistress Sheba

07947 333 967

(15/09/2015) Updated: Furniture for sale

These items are now located in the South East of England.

A lot of the larger pieces have gone, but there are some good pieces still remaining. Those marked with an (*) are having a little work carried out to them – screws replacing, joints strengthening; that sort of thing – nothing major.  Just making sure they are safe to use.

They are a mixture of items I used to have in my chambers and some of Mistress Nyx’s furniture.  Thought I would add that as I know how nosey everyone is ;-)

Dungeon Masters Bondage Bench
(*) Huge Suspension Frame – with 6 electric winches.  You will need a victorian height ceiling.  £1,200 SOLD
Suspension Frame (2 points).  £450 SOLD
(*) Leather topped pommel horse £350
(*) Bespoke Adult Baby Cot £400

I also have a surplus of smaller items for sale that I will list shortly – violet wands, electric boxes and rubber hoods.

If you are interested in any of these items then please contact by email only at and I will put you in contact with the gentleman responsible for the sale.


Mistress Sheba