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Manchester Dominatrix, Manchester Mistress Sheba

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21st Century Domination, Timeless Cruelty

This website is about Me, Manchester Dominatrix, Manchester Mistress Sheba, My cruel pleasures and how I delight in mistreating submissives and slaves for my own enjoyment.  Fetishists and Kinksters are encouraged to join me on a more relaxed playing field, but it is wise to remember that I am a naturally dominant woman so will not be coaxed out of my own comfort zone.

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I am a sophisticated and imaginative Manchester Dominatrix, Manchester Mistress Sheba.  I have my own formidable Manchester Dungeon, that currently house two large Dungeon rooms, a Medical Fetish Clinic / Manchester’s only Gummi klinik; a beautiful Study for domestic discipline and CP related home/school scenarios, a Sissy Room heavily stocked with a massive collection of over the top sissy dresses and accoutrements; an Adult Baby Nursery and a luxurious Boudoir with four poster bed for my more tactile sessions. Each play area is exceptionally well-equipped and furnished to reflect my special interests and highly motivated appreciation of consensual BDSM/CP role play and fetish inspired fantasies.

Although I spend most of my time as a Manchester Mistress and Manchester Dominatrix, I am also a regular guest London Mistress and London Dominatrix at a well-established dungeon in central London.

Visiting me will be the unforgettable experience that you and your fantasies deserve; whatever your submissive fascination and level of engagement you can be assured that my sense of drama and flair for ritual will let your simmering fantasy boil over into reality. So, if you are an anxious novice keen to discover your own boundaries of submission or simply wish to experiment with fetish play then trust me to coax your fantasy to its full potential. Alternatively, if you are a scene-wise player who completely surrenders to my mercy or begs to be trained to the standards of obedience and devotion that I expect from personal slaves or dungeon sluts then expect me to show little or no mercy for the duration of your session.

I believe that the right atmosphere is very important for fantasies to work and my extensive wardrobe offers a tantilising range of fetish wear and accessories that will allow me to completely immerse myself in your coveted image of female authority. Equally stunning are my playrooms; these are themed to stage every imaginable Domination/submission scenario from medieval torture and harsh, in-depth interrogations to intrusive medical examinations, forced and prolonged milking sessions, cross-dressing, strict domestic punishment, intensive sensory stimulation and fetish play.

As a professional Manchester Dominatrix and lifestyle fetishist not only do I enjoy the more sadistic and crueller aspects of dungeon games and slave/sissy slut training but I enjoy the softer side of the BDSM scene too; for example, body or object worship and fetish driven role play. I never tire of slaves who share my fascination for rubber; tightly laced lingerie and shoes, and believe me, just the thought of spending hours zipped into a body hugging catsuit or posing on tip-toes in spiky-heeled shoes with an appreciative admirer at my feet excites me and that alone is good enough reason for my obsessions.

I take great pleasure in training and owning slaves. There is a particularly cruel streak inside me with an appetite that can only be satisfied when I have broken the spirit of a slave at my leisure. Would you be prepared to be that slave; a willing captive stripped naked and paraded in chains or kept as a caged animal to perform tricks at the crack of a whip in an effort to entertain and amuse me at the expense of your pain and shame?

If you wish to join the ranks of my slaves or have your fetish fantasies explored, you may politely discuss your scenario with me. I session on a strict appointment basis and it is always advisable to read my blog for announcements about my availability in Manchester.

Only when you have found the courage to bow before Me, will you ever truly understand the real passion of domination and the sensuality of submission.

Manchester Dominatrix, Manchester Mistress Sheba

Respectfully contact me on:
Direct Mobile: 07947 333 967 (withheld numbers go unanswered)